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[Mac] AVID Media Composer 5.5.3 StartUp Problem – DSM Manager Error

If you found your AVID Media Composer 5.x having problem on startup with this message

“Exception: AMPI subsystem error, ErrorMessage:DSM future error from client eDSMError_Exception: Assertion in “DSM_Transport.cpp””


First thing to check:

1. Try to run it from different Login (Username)

2. If the second Account can run Avid normally, then you don’t have big problem 🙂

3. Change your Login to the problem one, and open your Finder or Terminal and Navigate to this Folder


4. Remove or delete all the DSM_Server.?.log files from the folder

5. Now, you can run the Avid Media Composer again …


If it doesn’t fix your problem, try reinstall the PACE driver:

InterLok Mac OS X extensions installer v5.7.2


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